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Numbers & Statistics

Throughout several editions, the Grants for Scientific Research of the BIAL Foundation have been increasingly recognized.

In the first edition of Grants, in 1994, the BIAL Foundation received a total of 48 applications and supported 10 projects. Since then, the number of applications has increased significantly and in the last edition of 2018, 366 research projects involving 975 researchers were received, out of which 78 projects were funded. The graph below shows the percentage of the funded projects according to the total number of applications received in each edition.

In total, in the 13 editions, 692 research projects were supported, involving 1496 researchers from 25 countries. The supported projects are equivalent to 27% of total applications, and are divided in the fields of Psychophysiology (50%), Parapsychology (32%) and both (18%).

Reflecting the increasing awareness of the BIAL Foundation, supporting research in psychophysiology and parapsychology within the international scientific community, the most significant numbers of applications, apart from Portugal, come from the UK, USA, and Italy.

The research funded by the BIAL Foundation in the areas of Psychophysiology and Parapsychology from 1994 to March 2018 has resulted in the publication of a total 910 articles in indexed journals, 749 of which in journals with an average impact factor of 3.5 and 130 in journals with an impact factor greater than 5. In March 2018, there was a substantial number of citations (12.737), with 171 publications cited more than 20 times.

Globally, the researchers supported by the BIAL Foundation published 2301 scientific papers, chapters, book chapters, conference abstracts and master and doctoral theses.

A study conducted by Marinho, Guedes and Sousa, presented at the 12th Symposium of the BIAL Foundation, held in Porto from April 4 to 7, 2018, gives an overview of the changes in the number of publications from 1994 to March 2018 and can be accessed at the following link. In addition, the Foundation provides an open online database that can be accessed by the scientific community and by the general public here.

List of Principal Investigators
Poster – 12th Symposium 2018
Numbers & Statistics