In order to mark the 20th anniversary of its creation, and simultaneously to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the BIAL Award and the 20th anniversary of Grants for Scientific Research, BIAL Foundation created, in 2014, a Documentation Centre and a Database available online.

The Documentation Centre – Foundation’s document repository - includes references and, in some cases, the electronic files, of the books regarding the several editions of BIAL Award, Symposia “Behind and Beyond the Brain” and Grants for Scientific Research.

Database includes information regarding projects, in the fields of Psychophysiology and Parapsychology, supported by the Foundation from 1994 to the present. In this context, the project title, the researchers, their institutional affiliation, the project’s abstract, when available, and the keywords are identified.

In what concerns to completed projects, the final reports may be consulted when allowed by the Principal Investigators (Pls). Additionally, it is possible to search for references of documents resulting from projects.

Database indicates which documents are indexed in SCOPUS and/or ISI Web of Science. It also presents the journal impact factor in the year of publication of the article/abstract, according to Journal Citation Reports, and “Times cited” data retrieved from Web of Science™ Core Collection.

This database represents the current repository of the scientific activity of the researchers supported by the BIAL Foundation, to which the scientific community can access.


The BIAL Foundation hopes the building of the present database will achieve two purposes: an internal purpose enabling evaluation of the productivity and significance of the projects funded. An external purpose that will enable the easy access by the general public to the work done by the researchers supported by the BIAL Foundation and that will constitute a valuable tool for those interested in analyzing progress in the areas preferentially funded by the Foundation allowing the online search of scientific production in the areas of Psychophysiology and Parapsychology.

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