BIAL Biotech is leveraging its expertise in lysosomal biology to develop novel small molecules to be used in the treatment of various neurodegenerative diseases. Our lead candidate, BIA 28-6156 / LTI-291, is being developed as a potential treatment for GBA-associated parkinsonism (GBA-AP). Existing therapies and treatments for Parkinson’s disease provide transient symptomatic benefits, but do not address the underlying disease process which drives disease progression.

BIAL Biotech is also investigating the composition of glycosphingolipids in blood from PD patients to determine whether such a “fingerprint” could serve as a predictive biomarker for identifying Parkinson's disease patients that are likely to respond to BIA 28-6156 / LTI-291 or our other therapeutic drug candidates.

There is a high, unmet medical need for treatment of the fundamental causes of Parkinson’s disease and GBA-AP. Rather than merely providing symptomatic relief, therapies targeting the underlying biological causes of Parkinson’s disease could potentially slow disease progression in this condition.