Social Responsibility

We are aiming to build a world that is healthier, a world that is better for everyone. BIAL interacts with many other bodies and institutions which want to achieve the sustained development of the planet and the construction of a fairer and more responsible society.

We are a member of the Global Compact. This is an international initiative to promote the sustainable progress of the world economy, uniting companies, governments and civil society. We are also a signatory to “Caring for Climate”, a declaration by the member firms of the Global Compact which tries to find solutions for the climate problems afflicting the world.

BIAL is also member of EPIS - Businessmen for Social Inclusion -, which action is focused on education, with special emphasis on tackling failure and dropping out of school.

We are also actively engaged in supporting a number of humanitarian and social causes. BIAL cooperates with a range of institutions on a yearly basis - hospitals, schools, universities, medical groups and patients’ associations - which work to educate, raise awareness in, develop, and foster the wellbeing of society in general.

Social Responsibility Policy (2022)