Policy of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

The therapeutic needs’ satisfaction of our patients, the satisfaction of the health professionals, our clients, workers and shareholders is one of the values of BIAL’s culture.

We all work towards this goal.

We see Quality as everyone’s responsibility. Its improvement must be constantly pursued and worked on, as it is central to achieving our goals.

The Health, the Safety and the Environment are an intrinsic part of our commitments. The strategies and efforts at development and the optimization of our processes, products and services takes in to account the respect for the Environment and by all those who live in it.

BIAL's commitment to the environment dates back to 2001, when its Environmental Management System was certified. Without compromising future generations, our mission is to find, develop and provide therapeutic solutions in the area of health.

The commitments will be fulfilled, throughout the company, by adhering to the following principles:

  • Guaranteeing the quality and safety of the drugs produced, in accord with the Health, the Safety of employees and with the Environment;
  • Complying with the utmost rigour with the regulatory, technical and normative requirements that apply to our activity, and others to which BIAL subscribes;
  • Stimulating the improvement and development of employees’ skills, recognizing their input as a form of professional growth, job satisfaction and commitment to the Quality, the Health, the Safety and the Environment, to sustain an organization that values initiative, team work and knowledge sharing;
  • Requiring suppliers to comply strictly with the specifications and requisites of the various materials, products and services, and to act responsibly in relation to the Health, the Safety and the Environment, encouraging them to get involved in improving their processes, products and services;
  • Continuously improving the performance so that we deserve to be accepted by the Health community, the regulatory authorities and the society in general.

Download our certificates:

 Certificate IQnet: 14001 - 2015