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Febrero 02, 2018   |   Noticias

“Enhancing the Mind” is the theme of the 12th Symposium of the BIAL Foundation

From 4th-7th April 2018, in Casa do Médico, Porto – Online registration already open!

The online registration for the 12th “Behind and Beyond the Brain” Symposium is already open! It will take place from 4th-7th April 2018, in Porto, under the theme “Enhancing the Mind”.

From doping to brain training, from meditation to brain stimulation, the idea that the mind can be empowered to increase cognitive capacity, well-being, or health is currently a major challenge to research. Learn more here!

Get to know the program.

About "Behind and Beyond the Brain" Symposia: 

In order to provide all the supported researchers with the opportunity of discussing and present their projects, the BIAL Foundation has been organizing, since 1996, the Symposia entitled "Behind and Beyond the Brain".

Since then these Symposia are held every two years gathering the researchers supported by the BIAL Foundation and the scientific community of the neuroscience area.

12th "Behind and Beyond the Brain” Symposium