“"Challenge" and "involvement" are examples of words that represent my experience with BIAL”

“"Challenge" and "involvement" are examples of words that represent my experience with BIAL”

Meet Nuno Costa, Senior Manager, Qualifications & Projects!



When I was seven, I got my first electric shock when I tried to plug a 230-volt light bulb directly into the socket... it was quite a fright, but the bulb worked… Perhaps this experience triggered my interest in electric/electronic engineering and computers. I've always liked to understand how things work. I used to dismantle toys to understand their interior and use the parts in automation projects. I'm very curious. I like to keep up to date with the latest technology and find ways to be more productive. I spend part of my free time reading and researching these topics. I'm a fan of the bullet journal method of thinking and planning.



At BIAL there is no such thing as "luck". There is commitment, dedication, and involvement with the BIAL project and my team is part of this journey. I'm proud of the work my team has done and what we're developing. There's something special about the pharmaceutical industry: it's rewarding to be able to work in engineering and at the same time have a positive impact on people's lives with innovative medicines.



"Challenge" and "involvement" are examples of words that represent my experience with BIAL. However, I would like to highlight another word regarding the transversal experience with BIAL: “Trust”. Confidence in our capacity for dedication and work. Confidence in our professional development. Confidence in the company's strategic vision and Confidence in the quality of our products. Confidence of the People!



I have been working proudly at BIAL for 18 years. I started in the Industrial Area as a Production and Process Engineer, an important stage in acquiring the sensitivity and demands of developing and producing medicines. And then I had the opportunity to move to Engineering & Maintenance, as Maintenance Engineer (Projects) and then to Senior Manager, Qualifications & Projects, where I have had the opportunity to manage and participate in challenging projects and have been able to leverage the knowledge acquired over the years.