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April 02, 2017   |   News

“ME AT MY BEST” - People with Parkinson's are "much more than their disease"

BIAL launches international campaign for World Parkinson's Day: April 11 2017

Imagine being unable to control your own body. In your mind, everything is exactly like it was; but your brain seems to have forgotten how to tell your body to do everyday tasks like tying up shoes or using a toothbrush. This is how it feels to live with Parkinson’s, a real challenge for the 10 million of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease around the world.

But people with Parkinson’s are much more than their disease. That’s why BIAL launched this campaign to inspire and empower people worldwide living with Parkinson’s: It is possible to live a normal life and successfully perform everyday tasks! Inspire yourself and the others by sharing and get to know the video and its lyrics.

Get to know more about the campaign.

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