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April 26, 2016   |   News

Applications to the BIAL Award 2016 are already open

More than 300 thousand Euros for medical research

The application period for the 17th edition of the Bial Award is ongoing. This is one of the currently most prestigious international awards in the area of Health.

The cash value of the BIAL Award is €340,000 in total, to be divided between the areas of basic research and clinical medical research.

Worth 200 thousand Euros, the ‘BIAL Merit Award in Medical Sciences’ was designed to distinguish medical work of high quality and scientific relevance, written specifically for this purpose, on any freely chosen medical topic. 

Authors of an intellectual medical work can apply to the BIAL Award in Clinical Medicine (€100.000). This award distinguishes an intellectual work written specifically for this purpose on any freely chosen medical topic on clinical practice. Only work with results of high quality and relevance will be considered. At least one of the authors must be a native physician of a Portuguese speaking country.

In the regulation of this Award is also contemplated the possibility of assigning ‘Honorable Mentions’, up to four works, worth 10 thousand Euros each. It also includes the publication of an exclusive edition of the winning work of the ‘BIAL Award in Clinical Medicine’, along with some of the other awarded works, which will be distributed to health professionals, free of charge.

The applications to the 17th edition of this award are open until 2016 October 31st. The regulation and the Application Form are available at

Established in 1984, the BIAL Award aims to encourage medical research and disclose work that has a big impact in the field of health research, closely monitoring the evolution and trends within the area of Health and Medicine.

BIAL Award has already mobilized almost 1500 researchers, doctors and scientists, authors of more than 600 competing works, distinguishing 245 authors and 95 prize-winning works. 37 books were published and distributed free of charge to health professionals in a total of over 300,000 copies.