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February 08, 2019   |   News

#SpreadingtheLight – International Epilepsy Day

BIAL marks the day and spreads the light on the disease

The 11th February is the International Epilepsy Day and at BIAL we will dedicate the week to the disease and to the people who suffer from it, as it is the most common serious neurological condition, affecting around 50 million people worldwide.

#SpreadingtheLight is the campaign that will mark the week internally and on social networks. It has the objective of promoting the awareness of this disease and strengthening BIAL’s commitment to Epilepsy. It comes in a purple background because this is Epilepsy’s color. “Spreading the light” because we want to disseminate (spread) this message as much as possible and at the same time use the light as the positive link to patients that often experience the darkness of Epilepsy. Let's spread this light!

Help us to spread this light! Share this mask frame in your Facebook profile during next week! This is available at BIAL Facebook page: search for this profile mask and try it!

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain characterized by an enduring predisposition to generate epileptic seizures (ILAE 2014). The meaning of the term seizure needs to be carefully distinguished from that of epilepsy. ↗ Learn more about Epilepsy.

Spreading the Light - International Epilepsy Day