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BIAL Award in Biomedicine 2019

The BIAL Award in Biomedicine 2019 seeks to recognise a work published in the biomedical field (free theme) from 1 January 2010 onward, the results of which are considered to be of high quality and scientifically relevant. 

Only works nominated by the Voting members of the Jury, the members of the Scientific Board of the BIAL Foundation, previous BIAL award winners and Scientific Societies may be considered candidates for the BIAL Award in Biomedicine 2019. The Jury also invites the following scientific institutions/persons to submit proposals: Boards or Deans of Medical Faculties, Heads of leading research institutes in the biomedical field, Boards or Heads of prestigious Academies; in addition, highly qualified researchers may nominate candidate works, but self-nominations are not accepted.


President: Fernando Lopes da Silva *

European Research Council
Paola Bovolenta
Eva Kondorosi 

Council of Rectors of the Portuguese Universities 
Maria do Carmo Fonseca - Vice President
Arsélio Pato de Carvalho

European Medical Association
Vincenzo Costigliola
Manuel Pais-Clemente

Scientific Board of the BIAL Foundation 
Niels Birbaumer
Menno Witter

Previous winners of the BIAL Award 
Vladimir Hachinski
Peter St. George-Hyslop

Scientific Journals 
Howard Bauchner - JAMA
Richard Horton - The Lancet

Award Amount: €300.000

Proposals must be sent by 30 June 2019 to

* BIAL Foundation expresses profound sorrow over the passing of Prof. Fernando Lopes da Silva, one of the most remarkable neuroscientists of the last decades, worldwide.
The Board of Directors of the BIAL Foundation decided not to replace Prof. Fernando Lopes da Silva as President of the Jury of the BIAL Award in Biomedicine 2019, which presidency functions will be headed by the Vice-President, Prof. Maria do Carmo Fonseca.